Club Challenges


May Bee Challenge


The May Bee Challenge centers around the number 10! Pick any date to do them!
The first challenge is to run 10 Track Laps. If a track is not available, run 2.5
anywhere of your choice.

The second challenge is to run May Bee 10k course: Ticonderoga LaChute View

The final challenge is to Bee Ten, that is to run 10 miles.
Here is one possibility: run Letsonville (a former staple location for the club)!

April Eights

You have three runs to complete in April; by the 8th, 18th and 28th. ( really ends on May 2nd)First up is 8 laps on the track! Or 2 miles anywhere of your choosing.Second will be a 8K, course is being fine tuned and will be posted by the end of the week.Finally, get your big person shoes on, an 8 miler to closeout the month. The start (Baseball Field) and finish for the 8k and 8 miles will be at the same location but different courses. 8K will go out Baldwin and the 8 miles out Black Point.Try to do them all if you can, and just do what you can.You also can do them in any order you choose.Now minimum requirements, lets keep running!All completions with Times can be submitted to JIm or myself.

The Pi Day Challenge

The Pi Day Challenge starts, Saturday, Feb. 27th and goes to Sunday, March 14th! This post contains information for the 5K. (Claude wanted exact measurements. He went to the hardware store to obtain an extremely accurate ruler, and he he couldn’t find one, so he settled on a simple 5K. The clerk is still shaking his head and muttering, “Irrational! Irrational!”

Joe Cain

Joe Cain 5K and the Moon Pie Dash starting Wednesday, Feb.10th and goes to Sunday, Feb. 21st

Super Bowl 55 Challenge

Seanna Porter, congratulations! You are the Super Bowl 55 challenge Champion!

Jan 23 at 6 AM EST – Feb 6 at 6 AM EST· Duration: 14 days. All runs start at the Elementary School Crosswalk to Sentinel Field. The 5.5 mile and 5.5 K runs are both out and back on Baldwin Road. The .55 mile run is one loop around the school on the outer loop which includes Alexandria Avenue. The Challenges are form Jan 23rd to Feb 7th ( Super bowl Sunday). Complete all three runs to be eligible for the Super Bowl Prize!


Virtual Freeze Your Gizzard Run ’21 (January 9-10)

Reserve the weekend of January 9-10. As in the past, any distance counts, but the maximum has been 10.4 miles….except for the year Tim and a few other high schoolers went off the course. [Luckily, they found their way back to the Hut and the good food.]The FYGBR is a tradition with the LaChute RR’s. Just post the particulars of how cold it was, where, and how far you ran for bragging rights.


FORT TI MILE (January 1st to 10th)

The winner has been selected by the random number generator and that person is Ash Alexander

It could also be called the Marquis de Montcalm Club Challenge, for the course parallels closely Fort Ticonderoga, the base of the Marquis (…/posts/10156455784089033).Start the new year with hope and a unique adventure! As we begin 2021, lace your running shoes and run this one mile challenge. Let’s set the stage for a great new year! Start your training now with this challenge. Run the course anytime starting January 1st, and ending on January 10th. Submit your time to Jim or Tim! (Paste Below) Be sure you have renewed your membership ( and Finished are marked in yellow and hopefully not obscured by snow. It starts near the exit of the fort, (which use to be the entrance), and ends near the ferry. Caution is advised; the time really doesn’t matter. A good idea would be to park in the lot near the Ticonderoga Ferry, and warm up by running up the street to the start. Please get your membership renewal in so you can participate in the club activities.After January 10th, a winner will be chosen. The winner will not be chosen on time but by a random results generator which will select the winner ( ). How will this be done? If you did the run 2 times, for instance, and if you were the third and sixth person to post results, your lottery numbers would be 3 and 6. If there were 20 runs on the course, then there would be the number 20 entered into the generator as the maximum. Claude would then click the button and a winner will be determined. Claude promises a unique award tor the winner!


Challenge Awards (Dec. 11, 2020)

Over the course of the summer and fall, there were numerous club challenges offered to members, and result were recorded on our Facebook page.

There were points awarded for each attempt. Bonus point was awarded for the fastest male or female time.

If you completed all the challenges in either the Spring or Fall you will get an award. if you had the fastest time in any event you would also get an award. Limit one award per runner.

Challenge Award Winners; Jim C, Tim, Shelly, Cam, Bridget, Chuck, Matt, Jay, Hannah, Seanna, Dee and Karlene.

Congratulations to the award winners! The nature of this new award is at the moment classified as “top secret.” That classification will be changed very soon to “unclassified!”

Here is a link: Challenge Sheet Summary